Our Approach

Since foundation, Dimension has been a trusted partner to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Unconstrained by boundaries, our experts have been offering BIM engineering services, to a wide range of industries from Retail, to oil and gas. Further, as the industry takes big strides to achieve the ultimate dream of ‘net zero’ Dimensions is lending a helping hand by providing sustainable design solutions through BIM and other emerging technologies.

Scan to BIM

Modifications or renovation of existing structures can be a challenge in the absence of construction documents (From which 3D models can be created). However, under the ambit of scan-to-bim services, we convert scanned data into information-rich three-dimensional models through the use of different software platforms and help you to address the issue.

Clash Coordination

To ensure that the construction process is smooth and free from construction issues, we offer clash coordination services. As a technical validation process, clash coordination informs about clashes within the models and highlights physical issues with the coordinated design as part of an assurance process. Further, clash detection brings potential value to the project team earlier in the project program, avoiding potential costly changes to the design after packages have been procured on-site.

4D Simulation

By adding the dimension of time to your 3D BIM model, we give you a whole new vision to look at your project. By offering 4D simulation, we help you and your clients to visualize the work progression in a virtual environment. So, instead of going through pages of Gantt charts, you can ensure on-schedule project completion by comparing the construction activity on the project model with the real-time schedule.

Your AR ready 3D models

As a well-renowned provider of architectural BIM services, we employ cutting-edge technologies like BIM to create virtual 3D models of your construction projects before they become a physical reality. Combining Augmented Reality technology with the above means that you can virtually walk through the site and have a look and feel of the project in the design phase- reducing construction time and waste while making the process more efficient.

Career Opportunities

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