Airport Construction

As any EPC firm or a general contractor specializing in airport construction would agree, the task of constructing an airport is huge- involving multiple contractors and diverse construction strategies. Airport construction involves planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining heavy infrastructures like buildings, roads, landing areas, aerodynamically sound architectural elements, and MEP works across sprawling facilities. This makes large-scale airport projects complex to build and manage.

However, the experts at Ivan Dimensions employ cutting-edge digital technologies like Building information modeling (BIM) to offer a coordinated 3D model of your airport project. Additionally, our clash coordinated 3D BIM model helps in streamlining material procurement and planning-thus increases project ROI by curtailing costs. Further, our experts help in optimizing your operations and provide a reliable base design to manage the facility and gauge the carbon footprint of the facility. Our experts also ensure that the EPC firms can map out every element of the construction site on the BIM platform. Further, by converting the graphical 3D model file into a 4D BIM model our experts can ease the logistics and management of airport construction. Some of our unique service offerings for airport construction projects are-

  • 1. 3D modeling and Clash Coordination
  • 2. Landscape modeling
  • 3. 4D construction simulation
  • 4. 3D visualization and AR/VR
  • 5. DD set drawing creation
  • 6. Construction Drawing set creation
  • 7. Bill of Material