Application of BIM engineering services for bringing sustainability in construction industry

Application of BIM engineering services for bringing sustainability in construction industry

The construction industry has passed through major tectonic shifts over the past decade. At the same time, increasing concerns about sustainability have pushed the industry towards the adoption of green building strategies to address the concerns regarding sustainability. In this respect, the application of BIM engineering solutions promises to offer sustainable solutions by integrating and managing information throughout the building life cycle.

Applying BIM in the design phase 

Building sustainability is of prime consideration during the design phase as decisions made during this phase have a long-lasting influence on the environmental impact of the final project. However, the traditional methods of design have a very limited scope of application as they deal with fragmented information. This is where BIM engineering solutions can be used.

By superimposing multi-disciplinary information on one model, BIM can help in taking care of sustainability concerns during the design phase. This further allows the engineers and architects to collaborate with each other by sharing different pieces of information related to sustainability. This leads to the seamless integration of sustainability analysis during the design phase.

BIM in the construction phase

The construction process has a severe impact on the environment as it is a major source of carbon-dioxide emission, waste generation, resource consumption, etc. These environmental impacts can however be effectively mitigated through the help of BIM software. For example, BIM can be used for modeling CO2 footprint during the construction phase and provide recommendations on improving construction schedule- leading to emission reduction.

Applying BIM in the operation phase

During the operational phase, BIM engineering solutions can be used for monitoring the sustainability performance by comparing the actual performance with targets set in the design phase. By supporting supply, integration, and management of information through the building lifecycle, BIM can act as a great tool for monitoring the sustainability performance of the project during the operation phase.

Applying BIM in the renovation phase

BIM can offer feasible solutions to address sustainability issues during the renovation and retrofitting phase of green building. Particularly, architectural BIM services can be used to accurately estimate the amount of waste to be generated during the renovation phase. Further, BIM can be used to manage waste and support streamlined decision making by integrating with other technologies. 

Thus, BIM can be used for managing the entire lifecycle of green buildings by fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders, providing data for further analysis, and offering visual information to aid in the decision-making process.

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