Applying BIM services to transform the construction industry

Applying BIM services to transform the construction industry

Savage competition along with a rapidly changing technological landscape has increased the demand for better services in the construction industry. Acting as a stimulant, these factors have pushed the industry towards adopting innovative methodologies. Amongst these, BIM engineering services promises to bring about a paradigm shift in the way construction projects are delivered.

Before the arrival of BIM; architects, designers, and engineers used 2D models to represent their vision. However, these 2D models were severely limited in their scope and did not offer the possibility to check clashes or address other issues. These often lead to severe issues during the construction phase and resulted in cost and time escalations.

However, with the application of BIM services, it is now possible to visualize the entire project in 3D. Further, with the help of  mechanical clash coordination services, it is possible to detect and resolve clashes in the design phase. Similarly, the BIM design validation service helps to ensure that the generated BIM model is as per client specifications.

BIM can be applied to make cost estimates more detailed and accurate. Additionally, usage of BIM automates the quantity takeoff process- leading to faster analysis of costs and variants. Further, changes made to one trade in the BIM environment, automatically get reflected on another trade- drastically reducing the design time and effort.

Thus, by offering a range of solutions BIM has already started to revolutionize the entire construction industry landscape. Not only that, BIM can be applied to address the sustainability concerns of a building for the entire lifecycle of the project.

By superimposing multi-disciplinary information on one model, BIM can help in taking care of sustainability concerns during the design phase. Further, BIM can help in mitigating the environmental impact during the construction phase. It can also monitor the sustainability performance of the building during the operation renovations phase. Additionally, by integrating with other technologies; BIM can be used for the management of waste.

The next section talks about the advantages of applying BIM in the construction industry.

The application of BIM in the construction industry brings with it a host of unique advantages. These are listed below-

1. BIM can allow the different trades of the construction project to collaborate on a single 3D design environment- leading to a drastic reduction in design conflict and information silos.

2. The application of BIM engineering services can dynamically manage the entire construction process- leading to a drastic reduction in construction and building maintenance costs and radically enhancing the speed and quality of construction.

With the above-described application and advantages of BIM, it becomes amply clear that BIM is slowly becoming the critical component for a radical transformation of the construction industry. Thus, if you too are looking for radical transformation to your prowess; your solution is BIM.

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