Crafting a Better Future With Structural 3D Modeling

Crafting a Better Future With Structural 3D Modeling

In today’s era, everyone wants a building that is aesthetic and appealing. While concentrating on the external design is good, the structural aspect of the building should not be overlooked. In this respect, structural 3D modeling services offered by leading BIM providers describe the application of Building Information Modeling to design and model structural elements.  

The structural BIM model offered under structural 3D modeling services is actually a complex and detailed model of a building’s structural elements. It is an internal view of the building that focuses on the structural components like beams, columns, bolts, etc. Although these components are not visible to the naked eye, they are integral components of a building. 

The structural components ensure the integrity of a structure and help it endure the extreme load and harsh climatic conditions. It is important to note that the selection of the structural components and the complexity of its design will depend on the structure being constructed. Thus, the structural model for a multi-storied building will be different from that of a bridge. 

In this context, BIM modeling companies can use BIM to create extremely detailed structural models under structural 3D modeling services. These models can help in avoiding clashes during construction and is useful for all the stakeholders to have a look at before the building/ structure gets constructed. It is also possible to create detailed 2D drawings and material requirement sheets out of the 3D BIM model. This can be used to accurately estimate costs as well. 

Structural BIM facilitates the design, analysis, and detailing of the entire structure in a seamless manner. Although you can access standalone structural engineering applications in the market, the advantage of using structural BIM modeling lies in integration. The advantage of using the BIM model is that it facilitates greater collaboration among the stakeholders by offering all of them a singular view of the structure. 

There are several services that are offered by a BIM modeler under structural 3D modeling services. These are clash detection, detailed material order quantity, Time scheduling, etc. The provider also offers RCC modeling and steel structural modeling. 

Leading BIM service providers like Ivan Dimensions not only offer structural 3D modeling services but also precast concrete modeling. Under precast concrete modeling, the company offers an exact 3D model of building components that can be prefabricated at a manufacturing site and then assembled at the point of construction. 

Needless to say, precast concrete modeling can drastically reduce construction time and costs. Thus, by using services like structural 3D modeling services and precast concrete modeling you can ensure faster construction while ensuring the structural integrity of your creation. Further, since you have a detailed 3D model of your structure before constructing it, you can easily get approval from your client and there won’t be issues like reconstruction. 

Why choose us?

As a leading BIM provider, Ivan Dimensions have experts having long years of industry experience creating detailed BIM models. Our designers and modelers carefully go through your requirements to offer you an ideal customized solution. 

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with a BIM modeling service provider now and enjoy the benefits of constructing faster with lesser hassles.

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