How architectural BIM services can streamline construction projects?

How architectural BIM services can streamline construction projects?

Recently, the headmaster of a school was faced with a typical problem. The roof of his school building leaked every time it rained and even after working on it for weeks, the roofer was not able to figure out the actual issue. Ultimately, a leading architectural BIM service provider was called in to check the issue. The company employed an advanced laser imaging tool and Revit software to create a 3D model of the inside of the attic and it easily revealed the crack through which rainwater was seeping in. 

This small example listed above demonstrates the awesome power of building information modeling. From small issues like the leaky roof to the execution of massive construction projects, BIM and other cutting-edge technologies are helping engineers, contractors, developers, etc. to save time and money on construction projects. For instance, a leading BIM service provider, Ivan Dimensions offers 3D BIM modeling services to offer a virtual model of the entire construction project before the commencement of actual construction work.   

Along with helping complete projects ahead of time, by creating virtual 3D models; BIM is facilitating interdisciplinary work and helping streamline construction projects. Additionally, BIM can be used to manage the entire construction project lifecycle and ushering a revolution in the ACS industry. Further, BIM can also be used to prepare a list of material requirements and generate accurate project schedules. As BIM helps to show the way a room will look once it is constructed and all furniture is placed, it will give the clients and other stakeholders greater clarity over the deliverables.    

By having a visual depiction of what they can expect the client can determine if the design meets their requirements in advance. Thus, issues if any can be addressed in the design phase. This will not only reduce the time and cost significantly but also help in significantly reducing construction waste as well. Further, the 3D BIM modeling services offered by BIM can depict the exact size and placement of the pipes. Based on the model, therefore, the pipes can be prefabricated and delivered in pieces to exactly fit together in the building as depicted in the model. 

Thus, as compared to the earlier times when design and installation used to take months; the new method using BIM makes it possible to design and construct the project in considerably less time. Additionally, letting different disciplines coordinate with each other, is helping the stakeholders to understand the way their work fits in the grand scheme of things. This is a welcome change from earlier times when contractors used to do their work in isolation. 

So, as BIM plays an important role in revolutionizing the construction industry; it is all set to rip apart legacies and give birth to new greats. So, for you to survive in the industry, it is only a matter of time that you too have to adapt to BIM. Your search for a leading BIM service provider can end with Ivan Dimensions. By offering exemplary BIM services through our team of experts, Ivan Dimensions has already made a mark in the ACS industry. So, whatever is your need, you can always contact the Ivan Dimensions team to get the best service customized to your requirements. 

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