How BIM can help in MEP design validation

How BIM can help in MEP design validation

Before the arrival of superior technologies, first pencil and paper and then software was used for generating a 2D drawing of the project. Without the provision of validating the design or checking for clashes, the 2D models increased the risk of making costly project alterations in the construction phase. However, by offering MEP design validation, BIM can revolutionize the construction industry by offering clash coordinated and design validated 3D models.   

To further elucidate the point, the arrival of 2D drawing generating software brought in a radical shift in the construction industry. As a welcome change from the time when models of the construction project were drawn using pencil, 2D CAD software eased the amendment process. Thus, unlike the paper-based design process, it was possible to make radical changes to the design with a few clicks. However, as discussed above, the inhibitions with the traditional 2D model have gradually pushed the industry towards BIM.

By offering MEP design validation and MEP clash coordination services, BIM ensures that the generated 3D model is per specifications and is free from clashes. Thus, there is less scope for rework during the construction phase- leading to a reduction in project cost and execution time.

Due to the above benefits, it has become indispensable to hire a dedicated BIM service provider to address the design issues. However, you should check whether the selected company follows the appropriate standards of design work before having them on board. Some of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design validation solution offered through the use of BIM are listed below-

Mechanical design validation– Helps in resolving the constructability issues by verifying the blueprint for mechanical contractors. As part of the design validation service for mechanical trade, HVAC load calculations, piping layout, duct layout, equipment selection, etc. are performed.  The validation of the mechanical design ensures that there is a seamless flow of the construction process.

Electrical design validation- For providing the right electrical plan, BIM models are validated using construction documents information received from clients. Some MEP design validation services offered under the electrical trade are preparing DB schedule, load balancing, cable tray route preparation, automatic report generation, etc.

Plumbing design validation- Plumbing design validation service can help in addressing all complex plumbing issues and ensure seamless execution of the project. Some services that are offered under this trade are pipe sizing and layout, drainage system layout, etc.

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