Let Your MEPF Engineers Be Future Ready With BIM

Let Your MEPF Engineers Be Future Ready With BIM

The MEPF- an acronym for the four fundamental parts of any building- is what makes any building livable.  But, as most veterans in the construction industry would agree, these are also the most difficult components to design and construct. These systems of pipes run through constricted spaces. The challenge for the MEPF engineers is to ensure that there are no clashes-hard or soft between the components. 

This is where BIM can help. By subscribing to Plumbing clash coordination services, offered by leading BIM companies you can have a design of the plumbing system sans the clashes. Similarly, Fire protection design validation services offered by the BIM providers can help you validate the proper positioning of the fire sprinklers.  Thus, with the power of BIM, you can ensure faster construction (as there are no clashes or rerouting during construction) and live in a building that will keep your valuables and you protected from fire. 

Sounds interesting right? So, let’s start from the basics. 


As an intelligent 3D model-based process, BIM can help the MEP professionals to design, document, detail, and fabricate the building systems in a more efficient manner. BIM helps all the stakeholders to collaborate and share data- thus speeding up the delivery of projects from the design to the construction phase. With BIM you have an accurate 3D model representing the building and its components. 

In the case of any construction project, time and money are two essential parts. Any projects that exceed the budgeted time frame will exceed the cost as well. Why does this happen? Well, people in the construction industry know that before the advent of BIM, the designs would be made by hand in 2D. The problem with a 2D drawing of a 3D structure is that it does not allow you to visualize the entire design. Thus, hard or soft clashes between the different building components would often go undetected in the design phase.

Thus, there would be clashes that would often crop up only when the building was getting constructed. This invariably led to time and cost overruns. But things drastically changed with the advent of BIM. For instance, by using plumbing clash coordination services offered by leading companies with the help of BIM, you can now have an accurate model of the plumbing system without the clashes. The BIM service provider also offers you a 2D model of the building once the clashes are resolved under plumbing clash coordination services. 

BIM and Fire protection

Thus, with BIM your entire construction process is streamlined and you can construct more efficiently. Now coming to the topic of fire protection. When you purchase a building or construct it, you obviously do not want your life or your valuables to get impacted due to a building fire. This is the reason you install fire sprinklers and other fire protection mechanisms in your building. But how do you know that these are installed at the right places to cover the maximum area?

Here too BIM can help. 

Providers of fire protection design validation services use BIM to check whether the automatic sprinklers or other fire inhibiting equipment are placed at the right place to cover maximum area and minimize damage in the event of a fire. 

So, by using BIM your engineerings can design and construct your building faster. Additionally, your engineers can also use BIM to construct for you a house that is safer as well. So, what are you still waiting for?  It is time to adopt BIM and let your engineers unravel their true power. 

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