Managing Material Shortages With BIM Engineering Software

Managing Material Shortages With BIM Engineering Software

The construction industry has taken a blow because of the impact of the ongoing pandemic. Developers are having a field day thanks to the current low-interest rates. Despite that, disruptions in the supply chain are causing the limitation of material, and as a result, there has been a drastic rise in material prices. This is causing construction projects to get held up and encounter over expenditure.

Contractors and managers are taking advantage of BIM modeling and other BIM engineering services for efficient construction materials management. With optimized construction designs, they are able to shrink excess usage of materials. What’s more, change orders can be reduced by means of clash detection available in BIM technology.

Streamlining Material Usage with BIM

Creating the best possible design for MEP elements can be quite challenging, particularly if there are multiple elements within a limited area. Nevertheless, with BIM engineering services you can gain access to 3D modeling software which produces precise models. This allows developers to find ways to save, which is not always apparent when using 2D drawings.

BIM technology allows engineers to rapidly assess the projected costs of several design options and select an alternative that considerably brings the labor and material costs down. Automation of material takeoff is a crucial benefit of BIM, as it ensures that accurate material quantities are known even before construction begins.

Timely Material Purchases Lead to Accelerated Design & Approval

BIM engineering services result in software that accelerates the process of designing. When you have qualified MEP experts at the helm the approval process by building departments is sped up. Project heads will also be ensured material savings, particularly during times when prices keep going up. As the developers and contractors receive the fast-tracked approvals they can get their hands on a complete bill of materials much earlier. In case pre-construction faces delays, this will cause the project to get delayed because of material scarcity. The total cost will keep going up together with the costs of materials.

Avoid Change Orders with BIM Clash Detection

Construction projects face considerable disruption because of change orders. It results in gross material wastage as the work has to be redone. This is particularly true when the requisite materials are in limited supply, or if material prices are on the rise. However, BIM engineering services and advanced BIM software are being leveraged to limit change orders to a great extent.

BIM software is equipped with automated clash detection capabilities, allowing you to identify interference among elements and specification clashes. You can opt for mechanical, plumbing, or electrical clash coordination services and more for your project. Only after being resolved, the designs get to the construction phase. If not for this, the project would face change orders after construction.

Prices of construction material are poised to keep rising in the coming years, as the supply is unable to fulfill the demand. In an effort to diminish the blow of price escalation, contractors need to make efficient usage of materials and make considerable savings on construction projects with BIM engineering services.

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