The immense benefits of MEP clash coordination services

The immense benefits of MEP clash coordination services

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) clash coordination services refer to the harmonization of different building services with each other. Since these services form the fabric, external envelope, and structure of the building, the MEP clash coordination services lead to more efficient project execution. MEP consultant, fabricators, installation and maintenance specialist, etc. from part of MEP team.   

The 3D MEP coordination drawings are created by the MEP consultants and passed on to MEP contractors. The fabrications and installations are performed by MEP contractors. Thus, the MEP contractors have to perform fabrication, installation, detailing, spatial coordination, etc. based on the 3D drawings created by MEP consultants. This can lead to a lot of challenges- creating the need for MEP coordination services. 

In most cases, although there are no clashes in the drawings created by MEP consultants, they have to change their designs to some extent to cater to his requirements of ease of fabrication, installation efficiency, and insulation allowance. In this regard, the consultant is supposed to make changes like duct resizing, equipment change, rerouting of pipework, etc. 

As the MEP contractor needs to redraw the consultant’s design drawings, it can harm project schedules and drawings and also hurt the budget. However, MEP clash coordination services lead to better integration between the different MEP team members. Further, MEP coordination is presented to all the disciplines in the form of a 3D environment. The 3D virtual model thus created presents the following benefits:

  • Can help in removing the chances of any clash

  • Ensures that all spatial issues are addressed by the team members before the creation of the final model

  • By proving the working of all services beforehand; delays and disputes at the site are prevented

  • As the 3D model can be used for walkthroughs, it provides an easy means of communication. 

Further, MEP clash coordination services can also help in saving time and money in a construction project because it helps to integrate the design of each team and address conflicts during the constructability review process. Avoidance or elimination of design conflicts early in the project has a positive impact on the overall project and also reduces the project cost. The 3 ways in which MEP clash coordination services can help save a great deal of time and cost for the project are- 

Reduction of material waste and project rework- 

By reducing the amount of time and material spent in correcting mistakes it is possible to save money. Additionally, by removing the conflicts early on, it is possible to greatly reduce project reworks. 

Streamlining build process

3D modeling and virtual project planning can streamline the build process and reduce delays in project completion. By detecting conflicts early on in the design review meetings it is possible to save both time and money.

Offer more competitive bids

By offering detailed models and MEP drawings, your team can offer a more competitive BID. Modeling can help in a more accurate estimation of project costs early in the design phase. 

Thus, MEP clash coordination services along with MEP BIM modeling can offer a host of benefits to the AEC industry. Together, these can ensure improved project execution within the constraints of time and money. As a leading BIM service provider, Ivan Dimensions offers a host of BIM services like 3D BIM modeling services, Mechanical clash coordination services, etc. to address all the needs of the construction industry. 

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