The phenomenal benefits offered by 3D BIM modeling services in architectural presentations

The phenomenal benefits offered by 3D BIM modeling services in architectural presentations

As technology blurs the divide between imagination and reality, it is opening the doors to dynamic new possibilities. For instance, 3D BIM modeling services have radically changed the world of architectural presentations. The service has made it possible to pull the imagined designs out of your brain and painting them in 3D to see how they look in reality. Some of the revolutionary benefits that 3D BIM modeling services bring to the presentation of architectural services are listed below-

Realistic, quick, and easy– By leveraging 3D BIM modeling services, your designs can be made more livid and the clients can take a virtual walkthrough of your project. Additionally, using the 3D BIM model, it is possible to deduce the scores of vertical, diagonal, and horizontal lines of 2D sketches and get a one-shot picture of your architectural services.

Provides far greater insights– By showing the building as it will look after being constructed, a 3D model offers much deeper insights than the traditional 2D models. Further, the 3D model also allows checking the constructability of your project and illustrate the impact of minor changes on the design.

Better for project approvals and marketing- For the customer going through the 3D model is more satisfying as compared to the 2D model. With the vivid imagery of the 3D model staying longer in the client’s mind; there is a far greater chance of winning the customer. Thus, the use of 3D drastically improves the project approval rate.

Easy corrections and remodeling– A 3D model makes it easier to visualize the impact of any minor or major change on the construction project. This helps in finalizing the design without incurring much cost for the changes post-construction. Ultimately, the final output shapes up based on the modified 3D model.

Measurements- The customers can clearly visualize the placement and dimensions of the object in the 3D model. Thus, based on the size and distance of the objects in the 3D model, the client can make changes to achieve the goals of space, room size corrections, movement issues, etc.

Fewer language barriers- A 2D design has clear instructions on how to deduce design instructions. As compared to it a 3D design is sans instruction and is not inhibited by language barriers. The clients can naturally understand the 3D design and experience the virtual reality created by it.

Smooth project execution– The clear 3D design helps the engineers to construct the project within the constraints of time and cost. This leads to a dramatic impact on project execution as listed below-

  • Field interferences are eliminated
  • Scope of rework is greatly reduced
  • There are few requests for information
  • Project execution Cost is reduced
  • Productivity is enhanced

Benefits for interior designers- With our 3D BIM modeling services, it is possible to have a complete view of the project inclusive of all the interior designs like- wall paints, furniture, ceiling, etc.

Thus, after going through the above points it becomes amply clear that BIM is slowly becoming the critical component for radically transforming the way architectural presentations are created and shared. Thus, if you too are looking to dynamically upgrade your presentations and sweep your customers off their feet, your solution is BIM.

Your search for a leading BIM service provider can end with Dimensions. By offering exceptional architectural BIM services over the years, our experts have made a name in the construction industry circles. So, no matter what your requirements are; our experts, with volumes of experience under their belt, will be able to offer you a clash coordinated 3D Bim model suited to your needs.

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