The role of Mechanical 3D BIM modeling services in MEPF projects

The role of Mechanical 3D BIM modeling services in MEPF projects

The global MEPF industry is in a state of flux. Savage competition along with a rapidly changing technological landscape has increased the demand for better services in the MEPF industry. While the MEPF projects are becoming more complex, technology advancements are helping industry professionals to work more effectively and efficiently. One of the technologies that have caught everyone’s attention is BIM.

BIM services are often defined as the best that has happened to the construction industry. Among its numerous service offerings, BIM helps in reducing construction time, performing sustainability analysis, etc. Amongst the different service domains where BIM services can be applied, one area is MEP. 

One of the important service offerings of BIM for MEP is MEP BIM modeling. From offering simple MEP modeling to advanced MEP clash coordination services, BIM plays a key role in the execution of MEP projects. 

Virtual construction modeling can be used to create an accurate and well-coordinated design model by integrating architectural, structural, and MEP elements into a single 3D model. The different phases of MEP modeling services for the MEP projects are listed below- 

3D BIM modeling– The first step in the BIM process is creating a 3D MEP model. Using our MEP BIM modeling service, it is possible to create an MEP model having all the components of MEP like chillers, ducts, FCU, pipes, etc. Based on the client’s specific requirement, the models can be created with different levels of detail. 

MEP clash coordination services- The 3D model of one trade generated with the help of REVIT is coordinated with models of other trades to check for possible clashes. It is required that there should be advanced detailing in the model if coordination issues are to be checked. Through this service, it is possible to check out interferences and resolve the same before the commencement of project construction. 

BIM Facilities and Asset Management– The MEP system can be developed in a way to provide complete building analysis. Further, the system should be developed in a particular way to ensure optimum utilization and costing of the building. 

BIM cost estimation– With this feature, the detailed cost breakup of the project from the point of view of the budget is provided. From the generated model, it is possible to extract quantity take-offs, the cost for buying essential components, labor requirements for the project, etc. 

4D construction simulation service– This key feature of virtual construction modeling helps in the extraction of the construction schedules for a typical discipline.  

Shop drawing service- The MEP shop drawings can be extracted from the complete 3D BIM model generated using the MEP BIM modeling services. It is required that the shop drawings are coordinated with Structural and Architectural disciplines. 

Thus, after going through the above points it becomes amply clear that MEP BIM modeling is slowly becoming the critical component for MEP projects. So, if you too are looking for radical solutions for your MEP project, your solution is BIM. 

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