Why BIM clash coordination service is indispensable for the construction industry

Why BIM clash coordination service is indispensable for the construction industry

The construction industry has passed through various phases over the years. Owing to the absence of technologies in the past, engineers and architects relied on pencil and paper to describe how their visualized buildings would look like. However, things started changing with the arrival of 2D modeling software.

The arrival of 2D modeling software opened new horizons and unlocked new doors for the construction industry. Amongst the several benefits, the 2D modeling software helps showcase drawings as per Architects, MEP, or structural engineers. However, the main disadvantage of producing the building design through 2D software was the time consumed during the process.

Further, since these 2D models weren’t clash coordinated, they often ran into clashes with other systems during the construction phase. However, things started changing with the arrival of BIM and other digital technologies. Although there were few adapters of BIM during the early years; things have moved fast since the government mandate.

By producing accurate 3D models, BIM helps engineers and architects to visualize the 3D model of their project in great detail. Further, with the help of the BIM clash coordination service, the architects can check for the possibility of clashes between different systems in the design phase. Before talking about the phenomenal benefits offered by the BIM clash coordination service, let’s first try to understand how it works in practice.  

What is BIM clash coordination?

After producing the initial 3D model of the project using BIM, the same is run through software like Navisworks to generate the clash report. The clash report offers insight into the interferences between architectural, structural, and MEP models. The clashes, thus identified can be resolved by redesigning or rerouting the system after detailed discussions between different specialists and clients. The advantages gained from such clash coordination service offering through BIM are discussed below-

Advantages of BIM clash coordination services

 The detection and coordination of clashes through BIM can offer several advantages as listed below-

  1. Detection and resolution of clashes during the design phase can prevent changes during the construction phase- thus reducing the time, cost, and money involved.
  2. MEP clash coordination  can maximize the space utilization in a building
  3. It facilitates improved collaboration between architects, engineers, designers, builders, and other stakeholders involved in the project.
  4. By resolving issues during the design phase, it helps in more accurate and precise project implementation.
  5. BIM Coordination enables multiple engineers to work on the same model and update the model to reflect changes made by each trade user.

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