Why MEP Clash Coordination Is A Requisite For AEC Businesses

Why MEP Clash Coordination Is A Requisite For AEC Businesses

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) clash coordination services describe the congruity of various building services among one another. As these services make up the fabric, exterior envelope, and building structure, they lead to highly efficient project implementation.   

The 3D MEP coordination depictions are generated by the MEP consultants and then shared with MEP contractors. The installations and fabrications are conducted by MEP contractors. As a result, the MEP contractors are required to carry out installation, fabrication, spatial coordination, detailing and so on in accordance with the 3D drawings rendered by MEP consultants. That is why several challenges arise- calling for MEP clash coordination services. 

In almost all instances, even if clashes are not present in the drawings generated by MEP consultants, they often have to alter their designs to a certain degree to accommodate requirements such as insulation allowance, installation efficiency and ease of fabrication. That is why, the consultant is required to execute modifications such as re-direction of pipework, equipment change, duct adjustment, etc. 

With the help of MEP clash coordination services there will be smoother collaboration among the various MEP teams. Additionally, MEP coordination is shared with all the disciplines in the form of a 3D model. The 3D model generated pit forward the benefits such as:

  • Removal of the potential for any clashes
  • Ensures that the stakeholders address all spatial issues before the rendering of the final model
  • Approval from teams of all the disciplines in advance means that delays and errors during construction are prevented
  • The 3D model offers a  persuasive means of communication in terms of walkthroughs and tours for clients

What’s more, MEP clash coordination services are pivotal to cut back time and money in a construction project. This is possible as it helps to incorporate the design of each discipline and resolve interferences at the beginning itself. Reduction or elimination of design interferences early in the project not only brings about a positive outcome for the project as a whole but also significantly decreases the costs of the project. Let’s look at two of the major ways in which MEP clash coordination services can help reduce the time and costs of a building project considerably.  

Cutting back of project rework and material waste  

By decreasing the quantity of material and time spent in rectifying mistakes you ultimately save money. Moreover, by eliminating the conflicts in advance, it is possible to greatly reduce project reworks. 

Optimizing build operations

Virtual project planning and 3D modeling are necessary to optimize the build process and decrease lags in project completion. As conflicts are identified early on in the design phase it is possible to save both time and money.

Therefore, MEP clash coordination services can bring a host of perks to AEC companies. Collectively, these services can optimize project execution despite any constraints in terms of time and money. Being a leading BIM service provider, Ivan Dimensions offers a host of BIM services like 3D BIM modeling services, Mechanical clash coordination services, etc. to cater to all the needs of the construction industry.

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