Why You Need BIM Clash Coordination To Accelerate Your Construction Projects

Why You Need BIM Clash Coordination To Accelerate Your Construction Projects

Are you looking to put your construction project on the fast track?

BIM software is integrated with clash detection and coordination features that play a big role in enabling construction businesses to complete projects at an accelerated pace while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.  Construction firms and their stakeholders not only improve the project performance with BIM but also cause a low percentage of resource wastage. That’s why these firms are opting for mechanical, plumbing and electrical clash coordination services.

In clash detection and coordination, interferences are identified and resolved by using different 3D models for each discipline involved including, structural, HVAC, architectural, MEP and so forth. Teams are able to collaborate using 3D BIM modeling that generates collision reports and make sure that all modifications occur in real-time so that everyone involved is on the same page.

The conventional method of developing models with 2D drawings has several issues like:

  • Raised costs owing to rework
  • Inadequate visuals to interpret clash detections
  • Construction stage rework because of clashes
  • Time and resource wastage

The Need For Clash Detection And Coordination

Detect and fix clashes at the pre-construction stage

BIM is configured to easily detect clashes between MEP, architectural and structural disciplines and after identifying them it allows all teams to fix interferences at the pre-construction phase. Accordingly, all teams involved are able to make quicker and insight-based decisions as regards material, costs and resources.

Lower number of iterations at the construction phase

Since clashes get detected and fixed at the early stage of design in the preconstruction phase, it means that there are far fewer iterations and decreased rework at the construction stage. So, it’s clear that mechanical, plumbing and electrical clash coordination services, among others, are bound to accelerate construction work considerably.

Enhanced communication among interdisciplinary teams

In terms of coordination and communication, BIM is instrumental in facilitating seamless back-and-forth among different teams like MEP, architectural, structural etc. disciplines. Because of this, construction firms can benefit from a 3D BIM model free of clashes and smoothly installing building elements, thus resulting in accelerated project completion.  

Review multiple design alternatives and receive design authorization in advance

The validation or model checking phase in BIM, which involves the application of parametric rules, is an early pre-inspection to ensure accurate outcomes. Multiple design alternatives can be reviewed using 3D models with the requirements and specifications of the client. Using BIM engineering services, all modifications take place in real time, with everyone involved in sync with the latest versions, thereby allowing for a seamless construction phase.

Cost and time efficiency because of decreased rework

A flawless and accurate 3D BIM model that is well- coordinated, ensures that there will be no design failures. It decreases redundancy while the construction phase is underway, translating to minimal modifications and rework, consequently saving time and costs of project completion.

By means of structural, HVAC, architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical clash coordination services your construction firm can get the support it needs to speed-up the construction process significantly.

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