Why You Should Hire A Rebar detailing Services Provider?

Why You Should Hire A Rebar detailing Services Provider?

Rebar detailing is often ignored or a less recognized profession in the AEC industry. But, Rebar detailing is important and plays a vital role in providing strength to a structure. Rebar detailing services can help provide structural integrity and protect a building from collapsing. 

The fabrication drawings in the rebar detailing process specified the rebar quantity required, placement, description, laps, etc. With the help of Rebar estimation, it is possible to predict the material quality and quantity required to build the structure. 

However, Rebar detailing has a broader scope and is used for commercial, residential, parking, highway, residential, and other projects. It is possible to make the detailing processing more efficient and effective through the use of advanced software and 3D rebar detailing. 

A brief about Rebar detailing

Drawings made by the structural engineers are used as a base for rebar detailing.  The drawings determine the quantity of  Rebar required in different parts of the structure.  The Rebar makes the structure durable and sustainable. The information in the drawing reveals the size spacing, layering and zoning of Rebar.

The provider of rebar detailing service has the responsibility of interpreting the drawings that are created and offered by the structural engineer. After interpreting the drawings, the rebar detailing service provider develops rebar shop drawings and other drawings. The shop drawings need to have specific information about the kind of fabricated stell that should be assembled at the site. 

Rebar placing drawings created by the rebar detailing service providers guides the godman to place the birds in the right place before pouring the concrete. The process of detailing also creates an accurate bar-bending schedule. The bar bending schedule is useful for invoicing and smooth fitting and placement of fabricated bars in the concrete.

Structural engineers cross-check and verify the rebar detailing drawings to make sure that it complies with the structural design intent.  Additionally, rebar wastage analytics is used to reduce the potential scrap in the rebar drawings generated.

The rebar detailing service providers can use BIM and other tools for automating several documentation and detailing tasks associated with rebar. It is also important that specific information like the size, bends, and length of the rebar should meet the standards like ACI and CRSI. The providers of rebar detailing services can access the architectural model created in Revit or other BIM platforms for enhanced coordination and visualization of changes in real-time. 

Rebar detailing process steps:

Interprete the structural drawing

The first step in creating the rebar detailing is the interpretation of the structural specification and drawings developed by the structural engineers.  Thus, the rebar detailing service provider needs to have a thorough understanding of structural and civil drawings, including the way steel is fabricated, transported, and erected.

Developing Bar bending schedule

The next step after the structural drawing is interpreted is the creation of a bar bending schedule. The bar-bending schedules include the bar number, diameter, bar length, bar shape, number of bars, etc. 

Comply with design codes

It is important for loops, bends, spacing, concrete covers, hooks, etc, to be made based on design standards and codes. This will increase the structural stability and strength. 

Rebar placement drawings

The final step in the process is the creation of rebar placement drawings that instruct the ironworkers on where and how the reinforcing bars should be placed. The rebar placement drawings and bar bending schedule are finally approved by the architect to reduce the chances of misinterpretation. 

Role of experts

Rebar detailing service can be undertaken by specialized companies having expertise in civil and structural works. Such a company is Ivan Dimensions. The company has expertise in not only rebar detailing services but also point cloud services. Connect with them now to know more!

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