Educational Sector

BIM is increasingly playing an important role in the way projects are constructed. The technology has already demonstrated its prowess by constructing several iconic projects all over the world. The technology has found its application in constructing projects of different types and end-use requirements. Being a leading BIM service provider, we offer you a range of BIM-powered solutions to help in addressing construction challenges and ensure seamless execution of your construction project.

By, incorporating BIM our experts ensure better collaboration amongst the stakeholders of your construction project- thus ensuring seamless execution of your construction project within the constraints of time and money. By using BIM, our experts can help in selecting the ideal materials for your construction project and ensure that the project is economical and environmentally sustainable. Further, our experts use BIM to suggest the best possible orientation for your school building and ensure minimum disruption to your ongoing school operations during the construction works by facilitating off-site construction through precast concrete modeling.

What’s more? Through the 4D construction simulation service, we create detailed schedules of your construction project and thus ensure swift construction within the time frame at minimal risk.