Fire Protection

Having made a name for itself in the construction industry, Dimensions makes effective and efficient use of BIM modeling to address the fire protection needs of the clients. Our experts ensure an overall improvement in the building model through the inclusion of life safety systems in the BIM model.

By specializing in fire pump room detail modeling, fire equipments family creation, shop drawings, and 3D modeling; we have emerged as the go-to BIM service provider for the clients. We also ensure that the shop drawings and models delivered by us adhere to the international and local standards and are free from issues like design discrepancies, coordination, and constructability.

Our experts are proficient in converting the detailed design of fire sprinklers into three-dimensional fire protection models. Starting from the layout in the initial phase, to the final construction of the project, our expertise lies in providing the necessary details ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

Further, we leverage different software systems and platforms such as Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk Fabrication, etc. to create shop drawings including information regarding main and branch pipe, Zone Control Valve (ZCV), Fire Hose Cabinet(FHC) for speedy construction.

Some of our outstanding service offerings are-

3D Modeling

Our experts can readily convert your 2D design or drawings into 3D fire protection models that are highly accurate and detailed. With our sprinkler system modeling service, we offer accurate models of sprinkler systems. Our experts have a long track record of delivering highly accurate 3D models to a variety of industries. Thus, by assigning Ivan Dimensions with the task of delivering 3D models, you can rest assured that the model will be delivered on time while adhering to all the necessary standards.

Shop-drawings and Fabrications

The data-rich 3D model of the fire protection system provided by us can help in fabrication and installation. In addition to being compliant with different standards, the shop drawings designed by us take care of the coordination between different subsystems.

Clash coordination

Earlier, software like CAD was used for creating construction drawings in 2D. However, these drawings gave no idea about possible clashes with other systems in the actual physical built environment.

But, with the arrival of BIM, it is not only possible to visualize the entire system in 3D but also check out the possibility of clashes with other systems. Under the ambit of MEP clash coordination services, we use software platforms to check the possibility of clashes between fire protection systems and others.

The clash reports thus generated are shared with clients through Webex or other collaboration platforms. The possible ways of addressing those clashes are also offered to the clients. After approval from clients, the same is put into practice.

Quantity Take-Off or Bill of Materials

For every construction project, it is important to know the inventory of different components along with their quantities. This will help in estimating the deadline of construction projects and ensure that the construction project does not hit a roadblock due to the unavailability of materials. At the same time, it is also equally important to know the cost of each component so that the cost of the entire project can be accurately estimated.

In this respect, we use BIM to generate Bill of Materials (BOM)/ Bill of Quantities (BOQ) in Excel. The report of the Bill of Materials or Quantity Take-Offs generated in excel can be altered or modified based on the modifications in the BIM model.

Content Creation

As a leading BIM service provider, we, with the help of our team of experts have created parametric and non-parametric models as well as a library of sprinkler and fire protection components. This helps our clients to manufacture or fabricate customized products according to their requirements.

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