The application of BIM to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire fighting installation makes it possible to design buildings smartly and in a far more effective manner. Through MEP BIM modeling, it is possible to generate a 3D model that offers far greater insight than the traditional 2D models. The generated 3D model offers deep insights into the layout of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire fighting system. Further, with MEP clash coordination service, it is possible to visualize and address clashes in the design phase itself- thereby reducing construction time, cost and improving process efficiency.

As a leading BIM service provider, the Dimensions team with cumulative experience of more than 15 years, is adept at offering world-class BIM services to different industries. With the help of cutting edge technologies, we deliver customized solutions adhering to national and international standards. For the MEPF trades, we not only offer a BIM model of the MEP system but through our MEP clash coordination service, we ensure that the delivered model is clash-free. Do check out our distinguished range of offerings for the MEPF contractors-