Oil And Gas

For the oil and gas industry, it is of vital importance to build huge complex structures at remote locations within the schedule. Construction projects in the oil and gas industry that overrun their schedules have deep cost implications over the entire project lifecycle. Thus, as oil and gas companies seek ways to reduce costs and time of project construction; BIM can come in as a viable solution.

As one of the leading BIM service providers, Ivan Dimensions with its team of experts help in delivering oil and gas construction projects on schedule and thus helps the oil and gas companies remain profitable. To make this possible, we implement standardized design and modular construction methodologies. Our experts employ BIM to overcome scheduling challenges, cost uncertainty and thus help achieve significant cost and time savings. With the power of BIM, we offer a clash coordinated 3D model of your entire project that can help you visualize your project before construction. Some of our other service offerings to construction projects in the oil and gas industry are-

Service Offerings-

  • 1. Steel Detailing
  • 2. 3D modeling with constructability review
  • 3. Clash Coordination amongst all trades
  • 4. Shop Drawings and Fabrication drawings
  • 5. Process piping