With many years of experience across different industries, the team of experts at Ivan Under the ambit of plumbing BIM modeling services, the experts at Dimensions are well poised to leverage BIM for delivering 3D models of plumbing elements. The 3D plumbing model generated by us is coordinated with other models and checked for clashes or interference. Over the years we have helped clients with the entire gamut of BIM-based plumbing solutions ranging from fabrication drawings to quantity estimations.

Our expertise especially lies in converting a 2D plumbing design to a 3D based plumbing model. We are proficient to provide the required detail from LOD 100 to LOD 500. The 3D based plumbing model is offered by us from the initial schematic design to the final construction phase.

Further, we have the expertise to develop and deliver models using a range of different platforms and ensure that they comply with the local and international standards like UPC/IPC. Some of our specialized service offerings are-

3D Modeling

Under the aegis of plumbing BIM modeling services, our experts convert 2D plumbing designs to 3D models that are highly accurate and detailed. With a long track record of delivering highly accurate 3D plumbing models for a variety of industries, our experts are well equipped to address your specific requirements.

Clash coordination

Under plumbing clash coordination services, we ensure that the models delivered by us have been checked for clashes with models of other trades. Upon detection of clashes, we offer adequate techniques like rerouting or adjustment of elevation to address the issues and deliver coordinated BIM 3D models.

Toilet detail modeling

Under our toilet detail modeling services, we offer a detailed model of the toilets in our facility. The model thus generated is transferred onto sheets in either top view or isometric views. The models thus generated offer immense help to the plumbing contractors.

Fabrication and Shop Drawings

By leveraging Revit plumbing models, we develop LOD 400 content that can be used for the installation and fabrication processes. The shop drawings delivered by us are compliant with different local and international standards and are free from coordination issues.

Quantity take-off

The Bill of Materials (BOM) document helps the contractors and project planners to have a grasp of the inventory of different materials along with their quantities required for the project. The Quantity Take-offs or BOM gives a list of the total number of materials required for project completion.

The quantity take-off reports offer an excel report of the number of plumbing fixtures, fitting, accessories, and pipes to be used in the plumbing work. Since these reports are generated in excel, they can be easily exported to the database for further analysis. Benefits of our QTO offerings include-
1. Quick and accurate estimation of the cost of the project with a prior inventory of required raw materials
2. Reduction of construction time with the QTO report to ensure required materials’ availability.

Plumbing content creation

We have created parametric and non-parametric models along with a library of plumbing components. Thus, you can easily find components that fit your project according to your specific dimensions.

2D services

As a leading BIM service provider, we offer world-class 2D services to plumbing contractors. By using inputs from the client, we offer highly detailed and accurate 2D models of the plumbing system. These 2D models can be immensely helpful for the plumbing contractor and offer great insights.

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