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Benefits of BIM for Concrete contractors

Across the industry, Dimensions is known for offering excellent architectural BIM services. Our experts are also known for offering world-class services to concrete contractors including- Rebar Detailing Services, precast concrete modeling, etc. We also offer a 4D Construction Simulation Service to track the progress of the construction project and ensure on-time project execution. Further, our experts always adhere to national and international standards and ensure that the delivered model exceeds clients’ expectations. Some of our leading BIM services for concrete contractors are listed below-

3D Modeling

1. Cast in Place

BIM can be used for designing parametric 3D models of the construction project from 2D drawings. Some of its unique advantages are the ability to maintain data integrity, supporting automated detailing, etc. Currently, BIM is being used in the construction phase by using it for creating Cast in Place 3D models.

2. Precast concrete

By creating precast concrete and reinforcement structure, it is possible to increase construction quality while drastically reducing construction time. With the application of BIM, it is possible to create accurate 3D models of precast concrete and reinforcement structures which can then be used for accurately fabricating these structures. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of precast concrete modeling. Further, our experts have also handled precast detailing jobs for clients from different parts of the globe skillfully- delivering to our clients’ world-class models within the constraints of time and cost.

Constructability analysis

By virtually building the 3D model of the project, it is possible to successfully address the constructability issues. We at Dimensions, not only offer a report on the discrepancies that crop up during the modeling stage but also offer a list of solutions for addressing the same.

Construction drawing

We offer detailed and accurately measured construction drawings of a design for guiding the contractor to plan the project. The drawings delivered by us are compliant with international and local standards and provide all the information to help contractors deliver the project at ease.

Quantity Take-off

BIM has made the process of generating quantity take-offs quite streamlined and automated. Further, the BOM is updated with every change being made to the BIM model. We generate the quantity take-off reports in excel which can be sent to the database for further analysis.

Rebar drawing and detailing

As leading rebar detailing service company, the expert team at Ivan Dimensions are specialized in drawing, estimation, detailing, and 3D modeling. We offer impeccable service within the constraints of time while adhering to local and international standards. Further, we also offer a comprehensive bar bending schedule describing the location, length, number, bending details, size, and the number of each fabric or bar in the structure or drawing- thus helping our clients to deliver projects on time.

Content development

Sometimes the client project might require the customized design of the beam or columns. Our experts with tons of experience behind them are well adept at delivering customized designs as per client requirements. We keep the customized models of beams and columns in the Revit family for use in future projects- thus ensuring faster project delivery in the process.

As-built drawing

Changes can crop up while constructing the project based on the 3D model. These changes in the construction phase are incorporated into the original model by making necessary changes. This results in the creation of an as-built drawing, which accurately reflects the project as it is built.

2D services

As a leading BIM service provider, we also offer 2D services to our clients. Under our 2D service offering, we convert pdf or sheet drawings provided by the clients into 2D CAD drawing.

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