Benefits of BIM for Architects

To help our customers realize the phenomenal benefits that BIM has to offer, our experts have been delivering world-class architectural BIM services for different project specifications over the years. As a team of experts having volumes of experience, we offer exceptional 3D visualization service to our ACS clients. Our professional team is well conversant with multiple platforms and is capable of delivering your architecture project while adhering to international and local standards.

3D Modeling

We are well known for offering world-class Revit BIM architectural modeling services. By using 2D drawings, pdfs, sketches, etc., our experts develop 3D BIM models that are, according to specification, LOD, and Scope. We also try to add value to our clients’ projects by incorporating global best practices and deeper insights. Further, through architectural clash coordination services; our highly competent team of experts offer our global clients BIM coordination services.

Landscape modeling

Under the ambit of Revit BIM architectural modeling services, we also offer landscape modeling service to our esteemed clients. Our experts generate a three-dimensional landscape model by considering pdfs, 2D drawings or 3D contour file as input from the client. The landscape model is created by our experts based on specific client inputs. We also suggest global based practices to ensure that the generated model not only lives up to client expectations but is also cutting-edge.

Content development

Our professionals can create parametric and accurate BIM content with the required level of detail. The created contents are in the required file format and are of minimal size. We can build and test Revit families in the required version while being compliant with international and local standards.

Construction drawing

We offer detailed and accurately measured construction drawings of a design for guiding the contractor to construct the project. The drawings delivered by us adhere to international and local standards and provide all the information to help contractors deliver the project with ease.

Quantity Takeoff

Our architects offer cut and fill data by analyzing the 3D model of the landscape. This helps the architects, engineers and contractors to more efficiently chalk out a plan for the construction project and ensure its smooth on-time delivery.

As-built Drawing

Our team of knowledgeable individuals has volumes of experience in delivering accurate as-built BIM models. Being a reflection of the built stage of different trades like architecture, MEP, and structure, these models help you to keep track of the progress of construction projects. Our high-quality BIM models accurately capture all the changes happening during the construction.


The rendering services offered by our experts help architects, contractors, realtors, etc. in visualizing their construction blueprint or concept design. The rendered output created by our team can be used for stakeholder presentation, promotion, or any other purpose.


We at Dimensions are proficient at delivering professional 3D walkthrough animations helping businesses to showcase their projects and impress public officials and investors. Over the years, our team of skilled people has delivered architectural walkthroughs of many complex projects.

2D Services

By offering precise drafting services, we can free up your core team to focus their attention on creative aspects of the design. This will enable you to deliver tailor-made designs that meet the criteria laid down by the client while fitting into the constraints of time and money. Further, as said before, through the help of Revit BIM architectural modeling services we can also convert 2D models intop accurate 3D models.

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