Stadium Construction

Humans have been building stadiums since the time of ancient Greek and Romans. However, the construction of stadiums has greatly increased in complexity in recent years owing to rising concerns about sustainability, audience comfort, and indoor lighting. This demands the application of modern digital technologies like Building information modeling to bring in a transformation in the way stadium construction projects are handled.

With the help of our team of experts, we at Dimensions offer BIM solutions to facilitate greater collaboration amongst the construction stakeholders. This collaboration is immensely beneficial in constructing modern-day stadiums of gigantic proportions. By improving communication, we ensure that architects, structural engineers, and designers seated at different corners of the globe and seamlessly work together and add their inputs to a central 3D model created through BIM. By helping the stakeholders to identify and solve issues well in advance, we ensure that uncertainties or risks during the construction process are minimized. By leveraging the power of BIM software, our experts can compare the impact of different building materials and site designs and suggest the alternative that is most economical and sustainable. Our 3D BIM model can help you and your client visualize the physical and functional attributes of your project in the design phase.

What’s more? The BIM model of the stadium offered by us can be updated at any stage during the installation process based on the inputs provided by onsite engineers or designers. Further, the application of BIM by our team of experts to your project also facilitates task delegation, the establishment of time schedules, and channels for communication between the team members- leading to more efficient workflows and faster construction within the budget. Some of the range of BIM services offered by Ivan Dimensions-

  • 1. Design Development Support
  • 2. 3D Modeling and lash Coordination of ACS and MEPF trades
  • 3. Drawing Set Creation/Construction Documents
  • 4. Quantity Take-Off & Cost Estimate
  • 5. 4D Construction Phasing & Simulation
  • 6. As-Built Drawing Preparation from 3D BIM Model
  • 7. Quantity Take-Off from 3D BIM Model